Bory Tucholskie

Bory Tucholskie are one of the most spacious woodlands in Poland, covering the area from Kashubia to Bydgoszcz. It’s a land of nature full of all kinds of plants, birds (black storks, ravens, cranes, whistlers, owls) and wild animals (raccoons, boars, does, deer, foxes and badgers). Bory Tucholskie consist mostly of pine forests, although mixed forest parts can be found with birch trees, oaks, yews, alders, maples and beech trees. The intriguing attraction of Bory Tucholskie are lobelia lakes, easily distinguishable because of their crystal clear water. Brda and Wda rivers flow through Bory Tucholskie creating popular kayaking trails. On the most appealing areas of Bory Tucholskie the Tucholski, Wdzydzki, Wdecki, Zaborski and National Bory Tucholskie landscape parks were created. The central part of Bory Tucholskie National Park is occupied by Struga Siedmiu Jezior (lakes Ostrowite, Zielone, Jeleń, Bełczak, Główka, Płęsno, Mielnica-Skrzynka).

Bory Tucholskie were chosen as area of Natura 2000 and UNESCO biosphere. Bory Tucholskie is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful areas of Poland, a great place for both resting and sports enthusiasts, including water sports, cycling and hiking.