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Nordic Walking
You can rent Nordic Walking sticks in Notera Hotel SPA. Nordic Walking is a sport for everybody, and a perfect way to visit the area nearby and Bory Tucholskie. Walking with sticks improves your stamina, takes the burden away from your joints and boosts metabolism. You use close to 90% of your muscles during Nordic Walking. Recommended!
Charzykowskie lake is a perfect place to fish. The lake is full of pikes, breams, bass and roaches. Fishing equipment and Charzykowskie lake fishing permit are required.
Bory Tucholskie National Park, Zaborski Landscape Park and Charzykowskie lake - is there a better place for hiking? Admire the scenery and get to know how beautiful Bory Tucholskie really are.
Fitness Room
It’s a good idea to take care of your condition. You are welcome to use our modern Fitness Room any time of the day. We also recommend trainings with personal trainers.
Swimming Pool
Do you like swimming? Then you have to try out our 17 meter long swimming pool in Notera Hotel SPA! Captivating view on the Charzykowskie lake will let you fully relax.
Looking for a way to spend your time actively with family or friends? You’ll find 2 professional bowling alleys in Notera Hotel SPA.
Billiard is known since XV century. There’s no better way to spend an evening with your friends.