Charzykowskie Lake

Charzykowskie Lake, also called Łukomie, is the second biggest body of water in Bory Tucholskie. It covers 1363,8 ha and is 30,5 meters deep. The lake is joined by the Brda river in the northern part. One of the more appealing attractions of the lake area are two islands – Wyspa Miłości (the Love Isle, also called the Beginners’ Love Isle) and Wyspa Bachorska (also called Advanced Love Isle).

The lake’s shoreline is inhabited by cranes, herons, cormorants and grebes. The lake houses plenty of fish species, including whitefish.

The north-west side of the lake is a part of one of the most beautiful kayaking trails in Europe. Its’ romantic bays, two islands and a yacht port make it a perfect place for water sports enthusiasts. It is here, in Charzykowy, where the first Polish sailing club was established.