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Wellness Holidays

Spend your holidays at the Charzykowskie Lake with the juicy green all around you. Find some time for your close ones, for yourself first of all. Feel the energy of nature. Relax at the first Stress Free Zone in Poland, take the good sleep service in advantage, try our relaxing SPA treatments and rituals.
Price from 1177,50 PLN per person
Notera Hotel SPA family vacation
Family holiday
in Bory Tucholskie

Family holiday in Bory Tucholskie

There is no better time in the world to indulge in the blissful laziness, far away from the hustle and bustle of big city life than summer holidays spent at the lakeside, in the very heart of greenery. Savour the sweetest of relaxation in Tuchola Pinewoods, at the Notera Hotel SPA!
Price from 1082,50 PLN per Person
Notera Hotel SPA jesienne otulenie - Special offers
SPA package

Tailor-made SPA package for your very needs

It’s an option for those of you who wish to choose their SPA treatments themselves. You can actually build such a package which suits your taste and needs the most. Relax, savour the pleasure, it is the first Stress Away Zone in the whole of the country after all! Thus, let your hair down!
Price from 426,50 PLN per Person
Notera Hotel SPA romantic weekend for two
Romantic stay
For Two

Romantic stay for two

Do you dream about a romantic stay for two? Take your loved one and spend unforgettable moments at Notera Hotel SPA! Together, admire the sunrise and sunset, enjoy the closeness of nature, view of the Charzykowskie Lake and the Island of Love, celebrate romantic moments and relax in the SPA...
Price from 824 PLN per Person
Notera Hotel SPA feel well no stress
Feel Well
No Stress

Feel Well – No Stress

Imagine the smell of a forest, birds singing and the sunrise over Charzykowskie Lake... Enjoy the moment. Forget about stress. Discover the highest quality of rest. Regain your balance. Take advantage of the first Stressed-free Zone in Poland in Notera Hotel SPA!
Price from 824 PLN per Person
Notera Hotel SPA friends in spa
Girlfriends in
the SPA

Girlfriends in the SPA

Nobody will understand you better than your closest friend. Take your mum, sister, girl friend and spend the weekend at the SPA. Every opportunity is good to go to the SPA together and staying in a SPA with your friends is the best way to relax!
Price from 824 PLN per Person
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Rocznica ślubu, urodziny, czy niespodzianka dla ukochanej osoby? Każda okazja jest dobra, by podarować pobyt w Notera Hotel SPA bliskiej Ci osobie. Voucher kwotowy może być wykorzystany na dowolne usługi w hotelu przez osobę obdarowaną. Ty decydujesz na jaką kwotę ma być przygotowany voucher.
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